PTF013 is here!



207 is a producer originating from Pula, Croatia - 

He is amongst the brightest upcoming talents on the today's scene. 

His music is already supported by the biggest names such as

Distance, N-type, Biome, Demon and more

and he have released on the labels Indigo Movement and  

Bacon Dubs. He has also upcoming releases on the top labels 

MUD and Biscuit Factory and at the end of November

he will officially join the Platform Music team. 


PTF013 will be a 4 track EP with 2 remixes included.

We will expose more info on the tracklist and the remixers very soon.

Expect the clips here shortly: 


Meanwhile dont forget to follow 207:

Move Forward! 


"PLATFORMULA are a series of compilations - initiated and executed by

the Bulgarian bass Label Platform Music

"The compilations are mainly focused on label artists and targeted producers.

Volume 1 is released in partnership with the #1 dubstep blog FatKidOnFire.

"Artists on this free release are the Bulgarian wonders Balkansky and L 33,

the French veterans Kantyze and one of the best upcomers on today’s scene - Darj.

They're all joined by the UK’s bass weight warriors DyAD and Platform’s Basscatz,

Vallew, Commit, Zinnat and Ex Nihilo..."

 Download the 320s here (114MB):

PTF012 is out! 

Vallew is an up-and-coming name on the Bulgarian scene,

that is starting to get a notable recognition with his perfectionist approach

to sound design and music. He is also one of the core members of Platform Music

and now he comes up with his second release for the label - 

a 4 track EP called Piece Of Me to stamp up PTF012.

 His music is infused with complex harmonies and moving rhythm,

it is the result of his diversified musical background,

 education and listener experience. He has already established his own,

recognisable style, characteristic with warm and colourful melodies.